Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions.

- Edgar Cayce



The whispers lead you along a path behind The Wishing Well. Two felines poke their heads out from the underbrush near a tree, looking you up and down. One is a smokey-gray, eyes piercing blue; the other a vibrant calico, eyes softer than lush, green grass. Their tails perk up behind them, curiosity becoming apparent. They come towards you, hesitantly, but upon sensing no danger, they begin to tell you their secrets.

Cat naps give us the opportunity to dream, and our dreams give us the opportunity to live. Striving to create the world within our very souls, we aim to bring it into reality before you. Through our art, our heart, we make our dreams come to fruition. Brick by simple brick, we created our own wishing well, and invite you to join us as we gaze into it’s deep waters. Will you toss a coin, and dare to dream, dare to create? We present to you your own hopes, and with a touch of magic, you can collide and create.

Created on a whim in late 2022, Raven and Leah strove to unfold the tale of life before them and thus, The Wishing Well came to be. Aiming for hopes and magic to collide into a beautiful array before them, they invite you to ponder with them. Having gathered travelers and crafters alike, a home for the odd, for the unique, for imagination to run free, grew it’s roots. Join us in our ventures, so shall your dreams come true before you, too. So toss your coin, and open your imagination to the world before you. We can’t wait to see you!



Sun.: Closed

Mon.: Closed

Tues.-Thurs.: 11am – 5pm

Fri.-Sat.: 11am – 7pm