The Wishing Well
The trees whisper to you a gentle song, and you find yourself deep in their heart. The branches lead you to the clearing, a simple wishing well sitting right in the center. You ponder it for a moment, before taking a step forward.

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Make a Wish
Here at The Wishing Well, we provide many unique and odd goods and services galore. We strive to collide hopes, magic, and dreams into the material plane and bring smiles to the faces that peek their heads through the trees. Our vendors are all passionate of their work and collections, and we hope you find joy in them as much as we do.
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Metaphysical Services
Here at The Wishing Well, we also offer Metaphysical Services, including tarot and oracle readings, tea leaf readings, mediumship sessions, original Spellomancy, reiki healing, energy healing and so many more modalities to make your heart sing and flutter.

Our Vendors

Darkmoon Distribution

A combination of art, art supplies, and more. All made with fierce intent, and a whole lot of coffee.

Black Cat Apothecary

Handmade bath & beauty supply, sure to make your skin glimmer like the fae.


All-natural catnip & herbs, handmade cat toys, jewelry, pet supplies, and so much more.

Rogue Divination

Tarot reader and essential oil queen, providing SILKs for dry skin and dreams.

Of the Earth Metaphysical

Carefully sourced crystals, handmade jewelry, & more gorgeous goods.

Bella Moon Designs

Handmade resin art & clothing has never been so unique and soul-calling.



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Tues.-Thurs.: 11am – 5pm

Fri.-Sat.: 11am – 7pm